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Reviews on Amazon Five-star fakes


The evolving fight against sham reviews.


“I will post awesome review on your amazon product,” bess98 declared on Fiverr, a website where individuals sell freelance services for $5 or more. On October 16th Amazon charged that bess98 and more than 1,000 others were illegally hawking customer reviews. The case comes just six months after Amazon sued the operator of four sites peddling similar stuff, including the subtly named buyamazonreviews. com. Like Amazon, other websites have fought fakes with lawsuits, carefully honed algorithms and even sting operations—Yelp, a popular review site, has had undercover staff answer ads from firms seeking glowing write-ups.


Yet the problem persists. For as long as there have been online reviews, there have been fakes. The motivation is clear: for example, one extra star on a restaurant's Yelp rating boosts revenue by 5-9%, according to Michael Luca of Harvard Business School. Mr. Luca and Georgios Zervas of Boston University have shown that restaurants seeking fake acclaim are likely to be independent—online reviews matter more to them than to chains with established reputations. So some businesses ask friends to post raves, seek reviewers-for-hire and offer customers discounts in exchange for praise. For websites that claim to be an impartial resource, such practices are troubling.


“While small in number,” Amazon contends in its new suit, “these reviews can significantly undermine the trust that consumers and the vast majority of sellers and manufacturers place in Amazon.” The problem is particularly irksome for sites dedicated to offering reviews, such as Yelpand TripAdvisor. Amazon sells everything from books to lawnmowers; Yelp's main offerings are its 83m reviews. “If consumers can't rely on the content,” says Vince Sollitto of Yelp, “then the service is of no value.” So websites have tried to fight fakes.

亚马逊在最近这次申述案中辩论道,“虽然现在这类议论为数不多,但这的确会损害顾客和很多卖家及制造商给予亚马逊的信任。”关于专门供给点评的网站,如Yelp和猫途鹰,问题更为扎手。究竟亚马逊还卖各种产品,从书本到割草机,应有尽有;而Yelp的主要事务就是多达8300万的点评。Yelp发言人Vince Sollitto说,“假如顾客没法信任点评内容,那么咱们的服务便没有意义。”所以各网站对虚伪议论进行了冲击。

Algorithms comb reviews for suspicious wording. Expedia allows hotel recommendations only by those who have paid for a room there. Amazon tags a review as “verified” if the writer has indeed bought the product. Presumably such reviews are more reliable, though bess98 is one of many who claim to be able to game Amazon's system. Yelp may have the most aggressive strategy. An algorithm removes a whopping 30% of posts from Yelp's list of “recommended” reviews, though consumers can still see the suspicious ones if they like. Businesses that try to weasel their way to a higher rating (paying off grumpy clients, for instance) have their Yelp pages branded with a red warning.


Despite all this, some false acclaim and critiques inevitably slip past firms' defences. For websites, fake reviews will remain a stubborn headache. Meanwhile businesses are finding new ways to boost their reputations online. Social bots—lines of code that pose as real accounts—can build buzz on social-media sites like Twitter and Facebook. For the average consumer, it may become ever harder to distinguish real praise from puff.


 精 读 解 析 


P1: 各大网站采纳办法抵抗虚伪议论。

P2: 虚伪议论存在的原因:利益。


P4: 各大网站冲击虚伪议论的办法。

P5: 虚伪议论依然是难以解决的恶疾。


illegally /??li: g?l?/ adv. 不法地


illegitimateadj. 不合法的,私生的

illiteratea.文盲的 n.文盲

illogicala. 不合逻辑的,不合理的


Park illegally and you are likely to be ticketed.


The landlady found they had been illegally subletting the flat.


● peddle /'ped(?)l/ vt. & vi. (沿街)叫卖; 兜销;宣扬, 散播


She loves to peddle gossip round the village.


He peddled fish from a pushcart.


hone /h??n/ n. 磨刀石;牵挂;诉苦v. 用磨刀石磨;诉苦;回想


We have to hone in on all of the details now.


He had honed his mind to a razor edge.


algorithm /'?lg?r?e(?)m/ n. 运算规律


This algorithm is one of my operation.


 undercover /?nd?'k?v?/ adj. 私自进行的;隐秘做出的;暗里的;做密探作业的


undercover agent卧底;警方密探


He worked undercover in Northern Ireland.


A federal judge upheld the undercover methods used in the case.


rave /re?v/n. 吼怒;胡说八道;火热赞许v. 吼怒;语无伦次地说adj. 赞扬的


rant and rave大声叫嚣

rave about对…倾倒;热心地议论;激愤地说

rave review哄动火热的好评;疯狂褒评


The storm raved along the coast.


He raved about the new play.


 impartial /?m'pɑ??(?)l/ adj. 不偏不倚的;公平的,公平的


impartiality n. 公平;公平;不偏不倚


He examiner proved to be impartial.


The judge should make his appraisal impartial.


irksome /'??ks(?)m/ adj. 令人厌烦的,厌烦的;令人厌恶的


After five minutes of irksome and constrained conversation, they heard the sound of slippered feet approaching rapidly.


lawnmower /'l?n'mo?/ n. 剪草机


I cut myself while fixing the lawnmower.


weasel /'wi?z(?)l/ v. 躲避;闪烁其词n. 鼬鼠;奸刁的人


weasel out退出;躲避责任

weasel word不置可否的话

weasel words n. 遁词


The weasel is a very pretty little creature.


He’s trying to figure out a way to weasel out of the deal.


She suspects me of trying to weasel my way into his affections.


distinguish from 差异,区分


Not much distinguishes a valuable banknote from any old piece of printed paper, as Indians discovered this week.


- THE END - 



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